All About 6 Second Sauce on Fire

What is it?

6 Second Sauce on Fire is the HOT version of the famous and flavourful 6 Second Sauce condiment.

It's made with Carolina Reaper peppers, which are known as the World's Hottest Pepper, according to the Guinness World Records (2019). Though there are thought to be other peppers that are hotter, these peppers are still exceptionally hot!

How hot is 6 Second Sauce on Fire?

The short answer is somewhere between Cayenne and Habanero peppers.

For the boffins, the long answer is that it's roughly 80,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) per serve. That's around 5mg of capsaicin (the main component of peppers that make them pungent) in every teaspoon.

Does it taste that hot?

Yes it does!!! And yet sometimes less so...

You may experience it differently to your friends, because although 6 Second Sauce on Fire packs a lot of hot, pungent capsaicinoids, it also uses olive oil to carry all that heat and flavour, and capsaicin likes to stay in oil rather than come out on your tastebuds. So it depends what you put the sauce with. Try it in hot liquidy soups or noodles, and you'll find the kick you're after. Including scalp sweats if you'd like to go for that.

When you first taste 6 Second Sauce on Fire you'll discover that the heat builds slowly and can take 30 seconds or more to peak, rather than hitting you all at once like raw chilli or vinegar-based hot sauces. That's perfectly normal and the good news is that the heat really lasts, and it gives you time to taste everything the sauce has to offer. All the rich aroma and deep spiciness, while the big heat builds.

How do you use it?

You use 6 Second Sauce on Fire the same as the original 6 Second Sauce.
Just add it to whatever's on your plate for a fiery zing and zesty flavour lift - it goes with everything!

We think it's very versatile because you don't have to use a whole lot if you don't want to. Add a little and just enjoy the warmth and heat building in your mouth. Or add the full 5mL serving and really let the fire out.

Let us know what you think!

We all love different heat levels, but let us know what you think of 6 Second Sauce on Fire? Suggestions and comments are welcome at



Refined olive oil, capsicum annum (chipotle chilli, sweet paprika), capsicum chinense (Carolina Reaper), cinnamon, fennel, pimento, aniseed, cloves, pepper. Contains capsaicin, piperine.