Zestify 6 Second Sauce -
The Sensational New Chilli & Hot Sauce Alternative


It's a condiment

Add it freely to whatever's on your plate!

Works with everything that's in your fridge or pantry, or already on your table — sweet, savoury, meat, fish, dairy, eggs, vegetables, bread, pasta, nuts and more.
Adds a new dimension that saves you from tired, bland food and gives you a premium flavour experience at home without the price tag. Get depth and subtlety with zero equipment or culinary know-how. Turn all your favourite foods into an even better dish with just a drizzle or a dash.

Add flavour not fire

6 Second Sauce has a mild to medium heat that suits all palettes. It won't burn your mouth or kill the flavours you love.

It's not a hot sauce and it's not a chilli oil. It's a new experience that adds a distinctive, fresh dimension with a simple twist of a cap.

Other companies bottle heat. We bottle flavour!

What does it taste like?

It's rich, dark and delicious — quick to become a favourite!

Spicy and smokey with sweet aromatic notes that capture your attention but don't overwhelm. Evokes the essence of roasted nuts, woody seasoning, rich caramels and sweet dry fruits. It's umami deep and candy bright in one. Smooth on the tongue and light in the mouth with just a hint of heat, the layers of flavour evolve on your palette.

Adds a delicious slow-cooked intensity to all your food in just 6 seconds.

How do you use it?

Anywhere you'd use butter, olive oil or your favourite ketchup, dressing or marinade. It can even replace salt and pepper to add that special zing.

Add it in the kitchen while cooking, or take it to the table to top off whatever's on your plate.

Or, just enjoy it by itself, as a dip with toast, bread or crackers.

What does it go with?

It's a pan-condiment that works with every flavour base.

We call it the world's first Pandiment™!

As a sauce it's neither sweet nor savoury, and neither sharp nor sour. That means it blends beautifully with all kinds of foods. Try it and see!

Check out these special usage ideas:

It even goes with ice cream. Yes, that's right, ice cream!

Got your own ideas for recipes? Let us know at howdoyou@zestify.life:


6 Second Sauce contains: Refined olive oil, capsicum annum (chipotle chilli, sweet paprika), cinnamon, fennel, pimento, aniseed, cloves, pepper.

6 Second Sauce on Fire contains: Refined olive oil, capsicum annum (chipotle chilli, sweet paprika), capsicum chinense (Carolina Reaper), cinnamon, fennel, pimento, aniseed, cloves, pepper. Contains capsaicin, piperine..


Made in Australia

Halal ingredients

Kosher ingredients

Only natural ingredients

No artificial colours

No artificial flavours

Sugar free

Heart-healthy — over 80% unsaturated fats

Vegan friendly


Gluten free

Dairy free


100mL Zestify 6 Second Sauce / 100mL Zestify 6 Second Sauce on Fire