Chilli Vanilli Twist

Your new dessert sauce is here! Inventive and original, there's nothing else like Chilli Vanilli Twist.


A mouthwatering new flavour that combines the favourites you already love. Made with Grade A vanilla, it's surprisingly sweet but with absolutely no sugar or sweetener, making it low GI and 100% keto friendly.


Flip the cap the aroma of home-made baking hits you right away: sweet cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut, and of course vanilla. Perfect for exotic island fruits, creamy dairy desserts, jungle curries, cakes and pastries, and even cocktails. Possibly the best topping ever for pavlova, or just enjoy it on its own with toast and honey!


Only natural ingredients. No artificial colours or flavours, just premium spice, slow cooked for a beautiful, intense flavour.


Don't load your dessert with sugary syrups to bring the flavour alive, just add Chilli Vanilli Twist and bring a vibrant, colourful soul to all your most-loved foods.


It's made with chilli but that doesn't make it hot. If you've ever tried chilli chocolate, you'll love Chilli Vanilli Twist! Designed to be mild and blend with your food, it's never going to burn your tastebuds off.


Get some today and start enjoying a new sensation of flavour.


Made in Australia

Halal ingredients

Kosher ingredients

Only natural ingredients

No artificial colours

No artificial flavours

Sugar free

Heart-healthy — over 80% unsaturated fats

Vegan friendly


Gluten free

Dairy free