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Olive Oil Dispenser Cap

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Olive Oil Dispenser Cap

Easy, precise pouring control.
Fits all 6 Second Sauce bottles.

This elegant black and silver dispenser cap is the perfect accessory for all 6 Second Sauce condiment bottles. Replaces the original factory-applied screw cap and pourer insert and gives fine control over pouring. Offers fast and even application so you can get just the right amount of sauce, exactly where you want it. Unleash the inner artist too and create drizzle patterns over serving plates, breads, desserts and more.


  • Fine pouring spout lets you to spread the flavour evenly
  • Precision, drip-free nozzle ensures no mess or leakage
  • Offers easy control over portion size
  • Comes with a toggle that snaps shut to seal the spout
  • Stays on the bottle, replacing the original screw cap and pourer insert


  • Works with every 6 Second Sauce product
  • Fits all 100mL and 250mL bottle sizes
  • Removable for cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Made from hygienic ABS plastic and food-grade TPE.
  • Use it again and again on new bottles, forever!

How to fit the dispenser

  1. NOTE: Please open the dispenser's toggle first, to avoid spillages while fitting. If the toggle is kept closed during fitting, sauce may be accidentally forced up the breather pipe and down the outside of the bottle.
  2. Now remove the factory-applied screw cap, pourer insert and tamper-evident ring from your 6 Second Sauce product. A fork or spoon will help dislodge the pourer insert. Dispose of in recycling or wash and keep for later use.
  3. Gently press the new dispenser cap into place. It's designed to fit the neck of all 6 Second Sauce bottles and will hold in place like a cork.

How to use the dispenser

  • Flip the toggle open and invert the sauce bottle over your food.
  • A fine stream of sauce will start pouring out the tip of the nozzle.
  • Turn the bottle upright again to stop the flow.
  • Snap the toggle closed again to keep your remaining 6 Second Sauce fresh.

Re-use empty bottles too

You can use empty 6 Second Sauce bottles for other condiments too! Just remove any labels, wash the bottles and dispenser cap in the sink or dishwasher (invert bottles in the cutlery holder or place over a prong on the bottom rack) and allow to dry.

Then fill with vinegar, oil or the liquid sauce of your choice, and enjoy! Good for the environment, and thrifty for the wallet.

Collect multiple 100mL or 250mL 6 Second Sauce bottles and dispenser caps to create your own condiment sets for the dining table.